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Milk MoolaSM & Donuts to Dough gives schools and organizations an easy way to earn cash!

Simply collect the caps and bag tops from specially marked Milk MoolaSM products, and for each cap and bag top your school or organization redeems, Kwik Trip, Inc. will give you 5¢. For each Glazers price oval from Glazers dozen or half-dozen boxes of Glazers Donuts, Kwik Trip, Inc. will give you 10¢.

And unlike other programs, there's no limit to the amount of cash you can receive from Milk Moola and Donuts to Dough. From a few hundred dollars to thousands and thousands, you decide how much you would like to earn by the number of caps, bag tops and price ovals redeemed!

It's easy, too! We've made the redemption process simple and offer you all the necessary materials to run the program as effortlessly as possible.

For more information on the specifics of the Milk Moola and Donuts to Dough program, please visit our Official Rules or FAQs.

To enroll and earn 100 bonus* caps credited to your school's account, complete the Enrollment Form and you'll soon receive your program kit in the mail.

* Online bonuses are available with your first Milk Moola/Donuts to Dough submission of caps, bag tops, and Glazers price ovals.

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